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Become A Fan of Phaneuf Funeral Homes on Facebook

My friend asked me the other day, “why do you have a facebook page for your funeral home?” I asked him if he had a facebook page and he told me he did.  All his friends and family members have a facebook page he told me.  He said it’s how they all stayed connected to each other.  And I told him that our funeral home has a facebook page for the same reason.  We want to be able to stay in touch with our client famlies and friends to let them know what we are doing.  While we have our community service events and happenings listed on our website, most people don’t go to the site unless they are looking for an obituary and directions.  Our facebook site allows us to interact more casually and timely with the community.    So become a fan of the Phaneuf Funeral Homes and Crematorium facebook page.  The link is

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