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The art of dying well requires planning

Funeral plans often happen after a crisis, which is a tense time to make important decisions. Death may be unexpected at the time, but it can be planned. Every one of us will die eventually, and making funeral plans in advance lets your loved ones grieve for you without the stress of also planning a funeral. 

It may sound morbid to make funeral plans before you die, but discussing plans with loved ones and sharing the journey will lead to support and love.  Decisions around death are as important as those around birth and marriage. And yet, so few of us talk about it. As a result, few people take time to plan for what they truly want at the end of their life.

The art of dying well

The death positive movement and the art of dying well trend is spreading  across the country. People and organizations are ready to help you have enlightening conversations and ensure others carry on your legacy – just as you imagine it – after you pass.

Katy Butler’s book, “The Art of Dying Well” is a popular manual “for living, aging and dying with comfort, meaning and even joy.” The growing death positive movement encourages people to discuss and express their feelings and intentions about death and dying in casual, open settings.

It’s time to change the perception that death is something to fear and something we shouldn’t talk about. Instead, let’s realize the opportunity to plan for the inevitable, and have meaningful conversations with those you love. 

Maybe you were there the moment your family found out a loved one had passed. You witnessed your family scrambling to sort out all of the details of a funeral,  not knowing if they were planning the perfect service. By taking the time to plan your arrangements before you die, you ensure your loved ones are not left in the same position when you pass.

By covering these conversations early, you are encouraged to live with purpose, and allow your loved ones to celebrate your remarkable life and carry on your unique story – your legacy.

Because death is not frequently discussed, it can be extremely confusing and scary to navigate, especially for those left grieving after your loss. Our goal for the new e-book, It’s your death: Plan ahead to rest easy, is to help you: 

  • Learn more about how to plan your final arrangements
  • Have intimate conversations with your loved ones
  • Give the gift of peace of mind

Planning for what happens to you after your death is for you to decide. After all, it’s your life to be remembered. You’re unique and treasured, and you deserve to be celebrated in a way that’s aligned with your values and beliefs. The sky’s the limit when thinking of unique ways you want your loved ones to celebrate you.

By planning before your own death, you’ll be leaving the gift of clear next steps for your loved ones. The more your loved ones know about your end-of-life wishes, the less stressful the experience of the actual end-of-life service will be.

During their time of grief, this will be one of the last gifts you can give your loved ones. Get started by downloading and reading this e-book, which guides you from how to start through to leaving a lasting gift.

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