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Are You Living Life To The Fullest?

“Most men die at 27. We just bury them at 72.” -Mark Twain

Unfortunately, truer words have never been written to describe the story of many of our lives. So the question is, if your life were a story, what would it be? Would it be an adventure, a comedy, perhaps a romance? Most likely it’s a mix of a few, but more importantly, do you view each day of your life as a story in and of itself, or just a small, insignificant page in a large novel?

Somewhere along the line, many of us let our lives become so filled with pressure, stress, and activity that the simple pleasures are often forgotten. The sad result is that a great deal of people are now trudging through life, living in their “roles” (as homeowner, employee, parent, or caregiver) just trying to survive week-to-week, and always looking forward to “someday”, and forgetting (or worse, not thinking it’s possible) to live life to the fullest today.

We encourage you to evaluate your life and make everyday “someday”. By focusing on the small things, the positive people in your life, and small ways in which you can enhance the lives of others (small random acts of kindness), you will find yourself happier, more grateful, and more apt to accomplish the bigger “someday” goals in life.

At the end of your life, wouldn’t it be wonderful to look back and say “I really lived and experienced life to the fullest, I truly have no regrets.” “No regrets”, is a worthy minute by minute goal, to keep in the forefront of your mind as you go through your daily life; One that will ultimately lead you down paths you would have never seen, and take “someday” out of your vocabulary forever. It’s a great time to start, don’t you think?

(A Blog post written by faith columnist, Carter Moss sparked our blog post today on living life to the fullest. Thank you Carter, for the inspiration).

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