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A Massachusetts bill has sparked a debate: Should Funeral Homes Offer Food to Families

Although most states do not have restrictions on funeral homes serving food, there are five that do, including Connecticut and Massachusetts. A Senator in Massachusetts wants to change the law for that state and has reintroduced a bill that seeks to overturn a law that prohibits funeral homes from “providing, handling or serving any food or liquid refreshments in connection with a burial or funeral”.

This bill has stirred up quite a bit of controversy, as many people have stated opinions online expressing their feelings against the concept of food at funeral homes. However, there are certainly benefits to families that want or need food services at a funeral. It specifically helps with families who are traveling distances for the service, saving them from having to go to multiple locations or seeking out a place to have nourishment. It also gives family/friends a place to gather after the service, which is particularly helpful if family does not have a home large enough to accommodate a large number of guests for a meal.

In New Hampshire, food may be served in funeral homes, providing a benefit to families that may want or need this service. We are currently making efforts to modify rooms to accommodate catering. We will keep you updated on our progress.

We’d love to hear your opinions on whether you feel food belongs in a funeral home. Please post your comments.

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