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3-D Urns Offer Customization for Remembrance

While most people would agree that selecting an urn for your loved one’s ashes is a delicate and thoughtful process, it is also true that in the end there is not that much difference in the appearance of the chosen product. The material and make might be slightly different, as is the price tag, but in essence an urn is an urn. But what if there was more to memorializing your loved one?

It is very common for families to memorialize their deceased loved one through unique methods; some people choose to scatter ashes in meaningful locations, others plant those ashes with seeds to then have a physical reminder of the one they have lost. But what if you want to keep those ashes close to family and friends? Now it is possible to have a unique memorialization even without parting with your loved one’s ashes.

3-D printing is taking the United States by storm; it seems that there is very little that we cannot make with our 3-D printers. The capability now extends to urns. Families can choose to honor their deceased in whatever way proves to be most meaningful to their personality and character by preserving their ashes in a customized urn. For example, a lover of cars may want to spend eternity in a car-shaped urn, or someone who valued nature may wish to be placed into the shape of a leaf or a tree. The possibilities are endless and the potential for meaningful preservation are plentiful.

Yet again, we find that the traditions surrounding death and dying are ever-shifting. We are now presented with the ultimate customized experience for nearly every funeral-related process. Some may see this as a frivolous endeavor, but if memorializing your loved one in a manner that is in keeping with who they were and how you will remember them is the end result, then there really no “right” or “wrong” way to do so. 3-D urn printing, just like planting a tree or creating a plaque, is simply another way to express the bittersweet love one feels for the one they have lost.

Because we always encourage thinking about your own end-of-life expectations and wishes, we would like to extend this question to you: if you were to have a customized 3-D urn printed in your honor, what would it be? Share your answers in the comments!

  • Candy Reply June 17, 2020 at 6:00 pm

    Hello , I am curious how much one of those car urn go for?

    • jhartley Reply July 14, 2020 at 7:51 am

      Candy, Phaneuf Funeral Homes does not specifically sell these car urns. However, there are memorial companies that specialize in 3-D printed urns such as this which help families honor their deceased in whatever way proves to be most meaningful to their personality and character.

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