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“Funeral” or “Memorial” – How to Decide

Although the gap between the two terms has slowly been closing, there is still a difference between funerals and memorials. Most notably, a funeral will have the body of the deceased present while a memorial service will not. While this is, in essence, the only major difference, over the years each tribute has developed itsRead more

Green Burial FAQ

Until recently, if you were looking into a “greener” burial, your options were extremely limited. Traditional burial techniques, including embalming and caskets, were required by law. However, in a time where the environment has become more of a concern to us all, green burials are becoming the ever more mainstream choice. What is a GreenRead more

Your Complete Guide to Funeral Etiquette

Funerals are an extremely difficult time for the family of the deceased, however it can also be a stressful time for friends and acquaintances attending the services. You want to pay your respects, but you don’t want to be in any way offensive. You want to express sympathy, but don’t want to be a bother.Read more

Death Away From Home: What You Need to Know

If your loved one passes away while away from home, the added stressors of getting the body home and making the necessary arrangements can feel insurmountable. What do you do? Whom do you call? What is the proper procedure to follow? As with everything in life, the more information you have ahead of time, theRead more

Photographing a Funeral: Crazy Idea or a Memento for Posterity?

While many of us may have attended a funeral, it is likely that not many of us have seen a photographer at such a service. Photographing a funeral, you may be asking, what would be the benefit of that? Why would you want to record a time of difficulty and heartbreak? Your initial reaction mayRead more

A Cleaner Alternative: Have You Heard of the Infinity Burial Suit?

Have you ever considered how your death affects the environment? In recent years the concern for a green burial has become ever-more present and ever-more possible for those interested. While several options already exist, Jae Rhim Lee has come up with perhaps the most intriguing alternative to a traditional burial: the infinity mushroom. Over theRead more

A Doggy Funeral to Remember

It was only a matter of time before someone thought to include a dog in a funeral. Dogs show us the best in ourselves: They are unpretentious, unaffected, and full of vivaciousness and joy. Adding a touch of happiness to an otherwise somber affair is proving to make a difference for grieving families. Funeral homesRead more

The Grace of Planning a Funeral

In today’s entrepreneurial world, it was only a matter of time before funeral planning became a source of business. Numerous high-profile organizations offering a one-stop shop for funerals have cropped up in recent years, but is there something to be said for doing it the old-fashioned way? Planning a funeral is undoubtedly a challenging, evenRead more

Discuss final arrangements when your family gathers for the holidays

  You might think addressing final arrangements over the holidays is grim, but what’s really grim is not making your wishes clear by planning in advance;  when the time does come, your family not only has to deal with an emotional loss, they also have the added stress of trying to make difficult decisions aboutRead more

Chances are your funeral will be handled by a woman

  The care of the sick has historically fallen to women, but care of the dead up until recently has largely been the domain of men. Not anymore. Funeral-related businesses employ more than 440,000 people and bring in $16 billion a year in the U.S. While in the 1970s, 95 percent of funeral-related jobs wereRead more