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Fireworks scatting cremains

Alternative Burial Ideas

We find that people are seeking alternatives to traditional burial for a variety of reasons. Some are concerned with preserving the planet and want something that is more earth friendly, while others want to live on in some impactful way. Still others just want to find unique, personal ways to be remembered. Whatever the reason,Read more

Green cemetery wicker casket

Green Burial: Choosing a Cemetery

You’ve done your initial research, and you know for sure you want to have a green burial. But now you’re wondering if it’s possible for your wishes to be carried out because not every cemetery offers those services and accommodates natural gravesites.   A funeral home versed in green practices — like Phaneuf Funeral HomesRead more

Life After Death: Alternative Burial Options

What happens when you die? For many people, they see death as the end of their time on earth. They are buried or cremated and that is that. There is little left beyond possessions that act as a tangible remnant for their loved ones to touch, hold, and remember them. To some, this finality isRead more

green burial

What Makes a Burial Green?

The number of Americans opting to pursue green burials for themselves or loved ones is growing. It’s a topic we’ve explored here before with our readers and client families, but it’s worth reviewing again because we get many questions about green burial services and what exactly makes them “green.” If you connect the term toRead more

Eco-friendly casket from Passages International

A Glimpse Into the Green Burial Movement

While some of us likely haven’t given much thought to how we want to leave this world, there are a lot of people in New Hampshire, the United States, and around the world who are significantly invested in developing and/or supporting the green burial movement. However, there is a great deal of confusion about whatRead more

Veterans Cemetery

Student Helps New Hampshire Families Find Veteran Loved Ones’ Graves

A Bow high school senior, Elin Warwick, chose a unique subject for her senior project – one that will help New Hampshire families keep track of the graves of their veteran loved ones for years to come. Warwick used advanced technology to assist NH families in tracking veteran’s markers at the New Hampshire Veteran’s cemetery,Read more